Welcome to Koya University Central Admission office.
The Koya University was established in 2003 and has developed noticeably. In 2010, Koya University was restructured from colleges to faculty systems to enhance the interactions between similar academic fields. Today the University has 4 faculties -Engineering, Sciences and Health,Humanities and Social Sciences and Education- and 25 departments in different fields, such as Petroleum Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Clinical Psychology, Social Science and Medical Microbiology as well as Sport Education.
بە خێر بن بۆ ماڵپەڕی سەرەکی تۆماری گشتی لە زانکۆی کۆیە.

ئەستۆپاكى خوێندكار

ئاگادارى سەرجەم خوێندكارە بەڕێزەكانى زانكۆى كۆيە دەكەينەوە، كە بۆ ئەمساڵى خوێندن ٢٠١٨-٢٠١٩، ڕێنماييەكانى ئەستۆپاكى بەم شێوەيەى خوارەوەيە:
بۆ خوێندنەوەى ڕێنماييەكان، كليك لەم لينكە بكە: